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ABT's plain and crosslinked agarose beads



Agarose Beads are microspheres of agarose gels with different particle diameters and concentrations. Small spherical particles of agarose act as a porous gel to filter or separate a mixture of molecules according to their individual sizes. Due to its chemical structure (easy to activate), the agarose beads may be prepared to bind biomolecules in a reversible or irreversible manner.

The range of products includes Low Pressure products (Plain & Crosslinked) for R&D scale and High Pressure media (Rapid Run™ beads) for industrial scale separations. These beads are used in Gel Filtration Chreomatography (or Molecular Exclusion Chromatography) and are the basis for affinity chromatography beads such as Protein A & G , Glutathione, etc.

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