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Pronadisa's agaroses

Agarose is a neutral polysaccharide extracted from certain agarophyte seaweeds.  Agarose gels, which are neutral and thermo-reversible, have macroreticular structures with open meshes that can be adjusted by a varying the agarose concentration. These properties make the gel an efficient sieve allowing hydrophilic macromolecules to migrate through the gel mesh. 

Agarose applications take advantage of the unique macroreticular gel characteristic that acts as a sieve or support through which proteins or nucleic acids can pass.  Agarose is used in the following applications: Electrophoresis, Immunodiffusion, Gel Chromatography, Affinity Chromatography, and Ion-Exchange Chromatography.

You can access Conda's agarose brochure, as well as Conda's agarose manual. You can access also Conda's agaroses database for the complete product range and technical data sheets of each reference.