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Laboratorios CONDA was founded in 1960 as the first Spanish producer of Dehydrated Culture Media for Microbiology and Molecular Biology. Now it is internationally recognized as one of the leaders in the field and supplies key ingredients for use in research and testing, such as Agars, Peptones and Agaroses, among other products to more than 70 countries through its well known Pronadisa brand.

CONDA continuously improves and increases its production to meet the highest international quality standards. The company complies with the ISO 9001:2000 standard, and was the first Spanish company in this sector to be granted the certificate in 1998.  Its products comply with various international standards such as ISO, the European Pharmacopoeia, FDA, APHA, USP and AOAC standards. CE (European Community) marking was achieved in January 2003.



Founded in 2008, by scientists committed to develop innovative products for the life sciences industry, NZYTech aims to support science advancement and the discovery of novel industrially applied tools. NZYTech is a privately owned fast growing international company which discovers, produces and supplies a wide range of solutions in the fields of Molecular Biology & Diagnostics, Enzymes & Proteins and enzymatic Assay Kits. NZYTech laboratories more closely resemble those of a Research Institute as the company is devoted to use science to support the development of high-tech and high-quality products. In recent years, NZYTech scientists have published more than 130 papers in international peer-reviewed journals. The excellence of our technical support fully backs up the enjoyable experience of using NZYTech products and services.

ABT Agarose Bead Technologies


ASIAGEL is the exclusive distributor of AGAROSE BEAD TECHNOLOGIES (ABT). ABT is a company dedicated to the research and development of biotechnology products derived from agar and agarose. Committed to its mission of producing highly specialized products, ABT produces a wide range of activated agarose beads to purify and immobilize all types of biomolecules used in Affinity Chromatography as well a variety of plain and cross-linked agarose beads for Gel filtration chromatography as well as for activation purposes.

1st BASE


1st BASE was established in 2002 to provide customised life science products and services. Over the years, we rapidly increase our manufacturing capabilities and now have carved a niche in the research community for being a leading service provider in Singapore and Malaysia as well as the Asia Pacific region. In 2007, our facility in Malaysia was accorded the BioNexus Status under the Malaysia Biotechnology Corporation (BiotechCorp), a recognition given to leading companies in the local growing biotechnology industry.

Our wide range of products and services include DNA and RNA synthesis, Speciality oligos such as Dual-Labeled Fluorogenic Probes & siRNA synthesis, Gene Synthesis, DNA Sequencing, Fragment Analysis Services, Peptide Synthesis, Antibody Production, Proteomics Services, and Biochemicals and Ready-to-Use Buffers. In 2010, we added Next-Generation Sequencing and Molecular Biology Services to our wide range of services.

At 1st BASE, we pride ourselves for providing industry-leading customer service. May it be addressing your requirements, providing the technical know-how, we are dedicated to ensuring our customers’ satisfaction. We understand that quality and consistency are critical in research work. That is why our products must pass through strict quality control checks prior to delivery.

In our R&D Division, our scientists constantly seek ways to improve production methodologies and keep abreast with latest developments in the industry. This way, you can be assured that we have the technical expertise to address your specific requirements. After all, Your Research is Our Business.

Metabolomics Services
Metabolomics is an emerging field of “omics” research specializing in the near global analysis of small molecule metabolites (< 1500 Daltons) found in living organisms. Though the field of metabolomics is relatively new, its applications are already being seen in many disciplines including disease diagnostics, agriculture food and safety, and pharmaceutical research and development. These applications are leading to the discovery of many biomarkers and the development of improved screening methods. Metabolomics utilizes a number of different assays for quantitative analysis and identification of metabolites in a variety of sample types.

By working closely with The Metabolomics Innovation Centre (TMIC), 1st BASE provides real-world proven technologies with top-of-the line metabolic analysis from biofluids, tissues, bioproducts, bioprocesses, or crops. The quantitative metabolic analysis is offered by combining NMR, GC-MS, GCxGC-MS, HPLC-UV/FD, LC-MS, DI-MS, and bioinformatics.

IDT - Integrated DNA Technologies


Founded by Dr. Joseph Walder in 1987, Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) is a world leader in manufacturing and developing products for the research and diagnostic life science markets. IDT serves the areas of academic research, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical development.

Besides his headquarters in Coralville, Iowa , IDT also has facilities in San Diego, USA, in Leuven, Belgium, and in Singapore. IDT now has over 700 employees and ships over 36,000 oligos per day world-wide. Serving over 86,000 life sciences researchers, from small university labs of only a few scientists to global pharmaceutical companies, IDT is widely recognized as the industry leader in custom oligonucleotides. This is due to its maintaining the highest standards of quality, service, and technical know-how with superior capabilities in Analytical Sophistication, Information Technology, In-House Design Engineering, Customer Care, and Reagent and Input Control. 

IDT has pioneered the use of high throughput QC methods and is the only oligonucleotide manufacturer that offers 100% QC and purity guarantees.
IDT’s manufacturing headquarters achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification in 2005 and ISO 13485:2003 certification in 2008. IDT’s European headquarters in Leuven, Belgium achieved ISO 9001: 2008 certification in 2010. 

IDT maintains its own world-class research staff which combines experts in synthetic chemistry, biophysics, molecular biology, bioinformatics, and engineering. The publications resulting from IDT’s research, can be found on IDT’s website in the TechVault.

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Zymo Research


Since its inception in 1994,Zymo Research has been proudly serving the scientific community by providing innovative, reliable, and high quality research tools at affordable prices. Our vision..."The Beauty of Science is to Make Things Simple" is now truer than ever. Whether it's epigenetics, DNA, RNA, E. coli, or yeast based research, our philosophy remains the same: To provide the highest quality products in the industry while ensuring they are both simple to use and reliable in their performance.