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asiagel prepared culture media




ASIAGEL manufactures PPM through a Technology Transfer Agreement with CONDA, tapping its experience of more than 45 years in the field of Microbiology.  The locally manufactured PPM are marketed by ASIAGEL brand.

The dehydrated culture media bases used in production are certified to be of high-quality and sterility by the principal supplier. Quality tests on the physical-chemical characteristics such as appearance, color, odor, moisture, solubility, clarity, gelling, temperature and pH are controlled. Microbiological tests guarantees growth, differentiation, biochemical performance and recovery. Each PPM production batch is controlled and tested for sterility through our in-house testing facility.  A QUALITY CONTROL CERTIFICATE is supplied in every ASIAGEL product.  

ASIAGEL PPM products are supplied with high-quality PHOENIX Petri dishes (single-plates, bi-plates, tri-plates of 90mm; 140mm plates; and rodac plates), tubes and flasks.

You can access our PPM product list or access the complete prepared culture media catalog for product information.