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pronadisa dehydrated culture media




PRONADISA branded, ASIAGEL offers a wide range of Supplements & Additives, drawing special attention to the Listeria-detecting and isolating products (Fraser, Half Fraser, Oxford and Palcam), the RPF Supplement for our Baird Parker RPF Agar Base, as well as the Egg yolk emulsion and Tellurite egg yolk emulsion for Baird Parker Agar Base.

CONDA offers, along with the standard pack sizes of 1 vial for 100 ml and 500 ml of medium, many of its supplements in large volume vials, for 2 and/or 5 l of medium (depending on the supplement), especially designed for those users who wish to produce large media batch sizes.

PRONADISA'S supplements are an excellent choice for use alongside their respective dehydrated culture media. You can access Conda's table of supplements, additives and their related products or access Pronadisa's supplements database to see the complete product range and technical data sheets of each reference.