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Agar, peptones, and extracts act as the ingredients and main sources of nutrients in the production of culture media, bacterial fermentation processes and probiotic synthesis. We provide an extensive range of  ingredients with high nutritive capacities that enable customer processes to be feasible and standardized.


Asiagel offers the highest-quality agars, impurity-free and microbiologically neutral, obtained from a select range of algae species that deliver the best performing agars. Our agars will help you achieve the best results and reach the best consistency for your solid culture media.

Our portfolio comprises:

  • American and European agar
  • Industrial agar
  • Pharmaceutical agar
  • Plant Propagation agar
  • Purified agar


Peptones are widely used in culture media for growing bacteria and fungi and are small protein fragments produced by proteolysis.

The source of the peptones and the method used for proteolysis defines the aminoacidic profile of the peptones, and Asiagel only works with high-quality ingredients to guarantee the best peptone possible.

Our portfolio comprises:

  • Casein and meat peptones
  • GMO-free and Animal-free soy peptone
  • Tryptone and tryptose
  • Liver peptone
  • Yeast and beef extract
  • Bovine heart infusion
  • Bile salts

Among many others.

Asiagel’s range of peptones and extracts of animal and plant origin is optimal for culture media production, fermentation processes, vaccine production, pharmaceutical products, and veterinary applications.

Feel free to find which peptone or ingredient from our range works best for your lab by contacting us.

Endolow Peptones

Endolow® peptones are designed carefully and manufactured with an innovative and controlled process to ensure a low endotoxin content (less than 200 EU/g).

In applications like cell culture, antibody or vaccine production, and many other pharmaceutical processes, the presence of endotoxins can alter and, in some cases, ruin the experiments because these endotoxins produce adverse effects in cell cultures and in-vivo application of the products of said cell cultures.

Endolow® peptones provide the nutrients necessary for cell growth and are your best ally in your bioprocesses, ensuring the best yield and optimal results.

Our portfolio comprises:

  • Casein
  • Meat
  • Soy
  • Peptones