Our product portfolio:

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Asiagel offers a wide range of ready-to-use & dehydrated culture media products for use in different industries and businesses and our valued customers consider us an excellent one-stop supplier. Our culture media is available in both read-to-use and dehydrated laboratory formats. Thanks to our vast & unparalleled supply chain of both peptones & agar, Asiagel is the leading specialist in providing consistent and affordable world-class premium culture media manufactured using only the finest raw materials available throughout the world.

The industries that require & utilize Asiagel culture media include:

·  Food Safety

·  Brewing & Beverages

·  Water testing

·  Public & Private Research Centers

·  Universities & Government institutions

·  Public & Private Hospitals

·  Agricultural

·  Cosmetic & Pharmaceutical

·  Environmental Monitoring

Dehydrated culture media

Through our exclusive culture media brands, Condalab and Alpha Biosciences, Inc., Asiagel offers more than 700 unique media covering industrial and clinical microbiology needs. Strict quality assurance and controls throughout the entire  industrial applications (food industry, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, vaccine production, laboratories, etc.)

Our portfolio comprises:

  • Culture Media
  • Selective agars
  • Diluents
  • Enrichment broths
  • Formulated Media
  • Chromogenics Media

Most of them are fully compliant with ISO, European Pharmacopeia, USP, US FDA, APHA, and AOAC standards.

Prepared culture media

From our state-of-the-art laboratory facilities in Quezon City, backed by over 25 years of experience, Asiagel produces a wide variety of prepared culture media. Our products save our clients the need for further weighing and sterilization (or media cooling), thus streamlining their laboratory workflows.

Our portfolio comprises:

  • 90 mm plates (single and bi-plate)
  • 140 mm plates
  • Rodac & water plates
  • Tubes
  • Flasks


To increase the selectivity of a given culture medium, sometimes a supplement must be added. We have a complete range of solutions in different formats like lyophilized vials for increased stability and shelf life without affecting their quality or functionality. We also provide sterile solutions, so there’s no need for pre-dissolution.

Asiagel offers a wide range of supplements and additives, drawing attention to selective supplements for the Listeria Fraser, Half-Fraser, Palcam, as well as Chromogenic supplements, RPF Supplement for our Baird Parker RPF Agar, and Egg yolk emulsion and Tellurite egg yolk emulsion for Baird Parker Agar.

Our portfolio comprises:

  • Metabolic reagents
  • Enrichment supplements
  • Cryopreserve beads
  • Antibiotics