Our product portfolio:

Molecular Biology

Asiagel provides a wide range of Molecular and Cell Biology solutions ideal for most  common applications like protein and DNA purification or the determination of mutants in cloning using Molecular Biology media, enabling customers to improve their lab performance and accelerate their studies.  


Asiagel offers the broadest range of agaroses on the market. To achieve the best results in an electrophoresis assay, you must select the right agarose. Some parameters such as choosing the right electroendosmosis, the ability to discriminate by the size of the fragments analyzed, or the possibility of recovering the material used are essential to obtain the best outcome from the assay.

Our portfolio comprises:

  • Low, medium, or high electroendosmosis agaroses
  • Routine use agaroses
  • Low melting point agaroses
  • High-resolution agaroses for molecular screening of varying size fragments

Select the best kind of agarose and achieve the best results with Asiagel.

Dehydrated Culture Media for Molecular Biology

At Asiagel, we have at your disposal a wide variety of high-quality culture media for the maintenance and optimization of your transformed strains for cloning, broths for cell recovery, or even to increase the expression of recombinant proteins. Our media are suitable for use with specific bacteria or when working with yeast.

Our portfolio comprises:

  • LB broth and agar
  • Luria broth and agar
  • Terrific broth and agar
  • And many others

Check out our range of media and find out which one suits your needs. Asiagel has the right one for you.

PCR and electrophoresis

Asiagel provides a complete workflow solution for PCR & electrophoresis research. From DNA extraction and purification reagents, PCR enzymes and mastermixes, as well as services like DNA cloning and fragment analysis through our partnering company 1st Base.


Agarose resins are used in chromatographic purificationseparationor immobilization processes of biomolecules including proteinsantibodiesenzymes, and oligonucleotides in discoverydevelopment, and cGMP production of biopharmaceuticals

Our portfolio comprises:

  • Size exclusion chromatography
  • Ion exchange chromatography
  • Affinity chromatography
  • Affinity coupling
  • Magnetics resins